Our team at Citizens Advice Waverley

We have more than 240 volunteers, fully trained and highly skilled. They donate more than 60,000 hours of their time annually, estimated to be worth more than £1 million. The work of our advice service is supported, monitored and quality assured by a small team of paid staff and overseen by a single Trustee Board.

Management team

Lynn Hannah – Chief Executive (Interim)

Lynn is responsible for leading the work of the paid staff team.

Her main duties include:

  • leading the development of policy and ensuring the achievement of organisational objectives
  • leading and representing Citizens Advice Waverley externally
  • ensuring Citizens Advice Waverley has the funding and resources necessary to deliver its services efficiently and effectively and secure long term viability
  • developing and overseeing the implementation of new and existing policies and initiatives
  • providing support to the Trustee Board

Other roles include:

  • Senior Information Risk Owner
  • member of FORC subcommittee
  • member of Fundraising subcommittee
  • member of People (HR) subcommittee
  • Health & Safety Officer
  • Vulnerable Adults designated Lead
  • Safeguarding Lead

Reports to the Trustee Board


Catherine Rogan – Service Manager

Catherine is responsible for the service operation of Waverley’s four offices; Farnham, Godalming, Haslemere and Cranleigh, associated outreaches and managing/supervising volunteers.

Reports to Chief Executive Officer


Lucy Harris – Advice Session Supervisor (ASS) 

Lucy is an ASS (see role below) and is also responsible for the Debt project.

Her main duties include:-

  • all ASS duties as laid out below
  • monitoring quality of advice given to clients
  • Debt Project Lead

Reports to Chief Executive Officer

Sandra Taylor – District Finance Officer

Sandra is responsible for providing a comprehensive book-keeping function to Citizens Advice Waverley.

Her main duties include:

  • managing payments and receipts
  • maintaining accurate records of all movements of funds, including income and expenditure
  • providing financial information to the CEO/Treasurer and HM Revenue

Other roles include:

  • Information Asset Owner
  • member of FORC subcommittee
  • member of People (HR) subcommittee
  • Recruitment Officer (Paid Staff)

Reports to Treasurer (Functional Manager) and Chief Executive (Line Manager)

Michele Taylor – District IT Officer

Michele is responsible for providing IT support to Citizens Advice Waverley.

Her main duties include:

  • maintaining and supporting IT across the District
  • diagnosing and resolving IT issues
  • provide guidance to users on how to use systems
  • involved in research and development of systems in line with CA Waverley plan

Other roles include:

  • Information Asset Owner
  • Recruitment Officer (volunteers)

Reports to Advice Service Manager (Line Manager) and Chief Executive

Advice Session Supervisors (each location)

Responsible for providing Advice Session Supervision, supervising and supporting volunteer advisers during the advice session.

Their main duties include:

  • managing, co-ordinating and supervising the delivery of services from within one or more service outlets
  • providing technical support and acting as consultant to the advisers
  • ensuring delivery of agreed level of service and adequate staff cover
  • monitoring quality of advice given to clients during the advice session
  • maintaining standards of service delivery
  • ensuring social policy issues are identified and acted upon as part of the advice-giving process

Reports to Advice Service Manager

Office/Administration Manager (each location)

They are responsible for providing administrative, clerical and secretarial support at each office and managing the provision of such support through the deployment of volunteers.

Their main duties include:

  • assisting in the selection of admin volunteers
  • supervising and line-managing volunteers reporting directly to the post
  • monitoring and managing any delegated budgets
  • maintaining and administering relevant IT systems and procedures
  • updating and contributing to the development of relevant sections of the office manual

Other roles include:

  • First Aid designated officer
  • Fire Safety designated officer

Reports to Advice Service Manager

Trustee Board

Nigel Jewkes – Chair

Nigel is responsible for:

  • Ensuring effective leadership and direction of the organisation
  • Representing the organisation externally, communicating with key stakeholders, local authorities and other funders
  • Line management and regular liaison with the Chief Executive

Jonathan Pepper – Treasurer

Jonathan is responsible for finance and financial planning.

Jane Moore – Trustee and Company Secretary

Jane is company secretary and responsible for advising on GDPR/data protection.


Janet Edwards – Trustee

Janet is responsible for advising the board on all people related (HR) aspects.

Jane Armstrong – Trustee

Jane is responsible for leading the income generation programme.

Trustee Board subcommittees

Finance, Operation and Risk Committee (FORC)

People (HR) subcommittee

Communications subcommittee

Fundraising, Income Generation subcommittee

Research & Campaigns subcommittee

  • Chair: Vacant
  • Secretary: Lynn Hannah